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Zhang, J., Chen, C., Becker, R., Rufo, J., Yang, S., Mai, J., Zhang, P., Gu, Y., Wang, Z., Ma, Z., Xia, J., Hao, N., Tian, Z., Wong, D.T.W., Sadovsky, Y., Lee, L.P., and Huang, T.J., 2022. A solution to the biophysical fractionation of extracellular vesicles: Acoustic Nanoscale Separation via Wave-pillar Excitation Resonance (ANSWER). Science Advances, 8(47), p.eade0640. DOI:



Yang, S., Tian, Z., Wang, Z., Rufo, J., Li, P., Mai, J., Xia, J., Bachman, H., Huang, P.H., Wu, M., Chen, C., Lee, L.P., Huang, T.J., 2022. Harmonic acoustics for dynamic and selective particle manipulation. Nature Materials 21(5), pp. 540-546. DOI:



Wang, Z., Rich, J., Hao, N., Gu, Y., Chen, C., Yang, S., Zhang, P., and Huang, T.J. 2022. Acoustofluidics for simultaneous nanoparticle-based drug loading and exosome encapsulation. Microsystems & nanoengineering, 8(1), 1-11. DOI:



Zhang, P.*, Rufo, J.*, Chen, C., Zhang, L., Gu, Y., Zhong, Z., Hao, N., Xia, J., Tian, Z., Chakrabarty, K. and Huang, T.J., 2021. Acoustoelectronic nanotweezers enable dynamic and large-scale control of nanomaterials. Nature Communications,12(1), pp.1-10. DOI:



Chen, C., Gu, Y., Philippe, J., Zhang, P., Bachman, H., Zhang, J., Mai, J., Rufo, J., Rawls, J.F., Davis, E.E., Katsanis, N. and Huang, T.J., 2021. Acoustofluidic Rotational Tweezing Enables High-Speed Contactless Morphological Phenotyping of Zebrafish Larvae. Nature Communications, 12(1), pp.1-13. DOI:



Zhao, S., Huang, P.H., Zhang, H., Rich, J. Bachman, H., Ye, J., Zhang, W., Chen, C., Xie, Z., Tian, Z., Kang, P., Fu, H., Huang, T.J., 2021. Fabrication of tunable, high-molecular-weight polymeric nanoparticles via ultrafast acoustofluidic micromixing. Lab on a Chip 21(12), pp. 2453-2463. DOI:



Gu, Y., Chen, C., Mao, Z., Bachman, H., Becker, R., Rufo, J., Wang, Z., Zhang, P., Mai, J., Yang, S., Zhang, J., Zhao, S., Ouyang, Y., Wong, D.T.W., Sadovsky, Y. and Huang, T.J., 2020. Acoustofluidic centrifuge for nanoparticle enrichment and separation. Science Advances, 7(1), p.eabc0467. DOI:



Gu, Y., Chen, C., Rufo, J., Shen, C., Wang, Z., Huang, P.H., Fu, H., Zhang, P., Cummer, S.A., Tian, Z. and Huang, T.J., 2020. Acoustofluidic Holography for Micro-to Nanoscale Particle Manipulation. ACS nano, 14, pp.14635-14645. DOI:



Zhang, P., Chen, C., Su, X., Mai, J., Gu, Y., Tian, Z., Zhu, H., Zhong, Z., Fu, H., Yang, S., Chakrabarty, K. and Huang, T.J., 2020. Acoustic streaming vortices enable contactless, digital control of droplets. Science Advances, 6(24), p.eaba0606. DOI:



Zhang, J., Hartman, J.H., Chen, C., Yang, S., Li, Q., Tian, Z., Huang, P.H., Wang, L., Meyer, J.N. and Huang, T.J., 2020. Fluorescence-based sorting of Caenorhabditis elegans via acoustofluidics. Lab on a Chip, 20(10), pp.1729-1739. DOI:



Zhao, S., Wu, M., Yang, S., Wu, Y., Gu, Y., Chen, C., Ye, J., Xie, Z., Tian, Z., Bachman, H., Huang, P.H., Xia, J., Zhang, P., Zhang, H. and Huang, T.J., 2020. A disposable acoustofluidic chip for nano/microparticle separation using unidirectional acoustic transducers. Lab on a Chip, 20(7), pp.1298-1308. DOI:



Bachman, H., Chen, C., Rufo, J., Zhao, S., Yang, S., Tian, Z., Nama, N., Huang, P.H. and Huang, T.J., 2020. An acoustofluidic device for efficient mixing over a wide range of flow rates. Lab on a Chip, 20(7), pp.1238-1248. DOI:



Wang, Z., Li, F., Rufo, J., Chen, C., Yang, S., Li, L., Zhang, J., Cheng, J., Kim, Y., Wu, M., Abemayor, E., Tu, M., Chia, D., Spruce, R., Batis, N., Mehanna, H., Wong, D.T.W. and Huang, T.J., 2020. Acoustofluidic Salivary Exosome Isolation: A Liquid Biopsy Compatible Approach for Human Papillomavirus–Associated Oropharyngeal Cancer Detection. The Journal of Molecular Diagnostics, 22(1), pp.50-59. DOI:


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Huang, P.H., Zhao, S., Bachman, H., Nama, N., Li, Z., Chen, C., Yang, S., Wu, M., Zhang, S.P. and Huang, T.J., 2019. Acoustofluidic synthesis of particulate nanomaterials. Advanced Science, 6(19), p.1900913. DOI:



Tian, Z., Yang, S., Huang, P.H., Wang, Z., Zhang, P., Gu, Y., Bachman, H., Chen, C., Wu, M., Xie, Y. and Huang, T.J., 2019. Wave number–spiral acoustic tweezers for dynamic and reconfigurable manipulation of particles and cells. Science Advances, 5(5), p.eaau6062. DOI:



Wang, Z., Huang, P.H., Chen, C., Bachman, H., Zhao, S., Yang, S. and Huang, T.J., 2019. Cell lysis via acoustically oscillating sharp edges. Lab on a Chip, 19(24), pp.4021-4032. DOI:



Zhang, P., Chen, C., Guo, F., Philippe, J., Gu, Y., Tian, Z., Bachman, H., Ren, L., Yang, S., Zhong, Z., Huang, P.H., Katsanis, N., Chakrabarty, K. and Huang, T.J., 2019. Contactless, programmable acoustofluidic manipulation of objects on water. Lab on a Chip, 19(20), pp.3397-3404. DOI:



Wu, M., Chen, C., Wang, Z., Bachman, H., Ouyang, Y., Huang, P.H., Sadovsky, Y. and Huang, T.J., 2019. Separating extracellular vesicles and lipoproteins via acoustofluidics. Lab on a Chip, 19(7), pp.1174-1182. DOI:



Gu, Y., Chen, C., Wang, Z., Huang, P.H., Fu, H., Wang, L., Wu, M., Chen, Y., Gao, T., Gong, J., Kwun, J., Arepally, G. M. and Huang, T.J., 2019. Plastic-based acoustofluidic devices for high-throughput, biocompatible platelet separation. Lab on a Chip, 19(3), pp.394-402. DOI:



Zhang, J., Yang, S., Chen, C., Hartman, J.H., Huang, P.H., Wang, L., Tian, Z., Zhang, P., Faulkenberry, D., Meyer, J.N. and Huang, T.J., 2019. Surface acoustic waves enable rotational manipulation of Caenorhabditis elegans. Lab on a Chip, 19(6), pp.984-992. DOI:



Wu, M., Huang, P.H., Zhang, R., Mao, Z., Chen, C., Kemeny, G., Li, P., Lee, A.V., Gyanchandani, R., Armstrong, A.J., Dao, M., Suresh, S. and Huang, T.J., 2018. Circulating Tumor Cell Phenotyping via High‐Throughput Acoustic Separation. Small, 14(32), p.1801131. DOI:



Zhang, S.P., Lata, J., Chen, C., Mai, J., Guo, F., Tian, Z., Ren, L., Mao, Z., Huang, P.H., Li, P., Yang, S. and Huang, T.J., 2018. Digital acoustofluidics enables contactless and programmable liquid handling. Nature Communications, 9(1), pp.1-11. DOI:



Chen, C., Zhang, S.P., Mao, Z., Nama, N., Gu, Y., Huang, P.H., Jing, Y., Guo, X., Costanzo, F. and Huang, T.J., 2018. Three-dimensional numerical simulation and experimental investigation of boundary-driven streaming in surface acoustic wave microfluidics. Lab on a Chip, 18(23), pp.3645-3654. DOI:



Wu, M., Ouyang, Y., Wang, Z., Zhang, R., Huang, P.H., Chen, C., Li, H., Li, P., Quinn, D., Dao, M., Suresh, S., Sadovsky, Y. and Huang, T.J., 2017. Isolation of exosomes from whole blood by integrating acoustics and microfluidics. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 114(40), pp.10584-10589. DOI:



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Chen, C., Gu, Y., Tu, J., Guo, X. and Zhang, D., 2016. Microbubble oscillating in a microvessel filled with viscous fluid: A finite element modeling study. Ultrasonics, 66, pp.54-64. DOI:

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